Sunday, April 15, 2012

Next Trip: Slice of America 2

We have just opened up our new blog for Slice America 2!  The address is:

This time we will be traveling completely across the USA and back!  We are a tad bit concerned about things like tornados, hurricanes and such things in the East Coast that we don't really have here in California.  After watching all the weather stuff on the news, we don't want to experience them either!!

  Since we have 2 months before take off we have to get serious about the essential things, like fixing the van window so it rolls all the way down, and actually installing the rear/side camera system on Lucy!


  1. I hope this is the right blog?? I think I just saw you coming down the 10 toward Gulfport & I waved! Good luck in your travels & God bless!

    1. yes it is us! Thank you for the wave and the blessing! We are having so much fun. We saw the big rocking chair in your lovely town. you can follow our travels as we head to Boston on

  2. Can't wait to read more! I found your other blog site so I will definitely be checking for updated! I love to read about other peoples adventures. I was a military child & now married to a Sailor (18 yrs) so I have moved & traveled all of my life. We have been everywhere from Cuba to Korea & my parents also took us on a tour of America when we were younger! 6 of us, 1 station wagon & 22 states.....what fun we had!!

    Boston is on my "must visit" list so I can't wait 2 see what news you post about it!! Have tons of fun!!!! & thank you for sharing with us!

    Amina Ball