Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When We Hit "90 Days to Go"

Cathy and I had a "moment" yesterday......oh, my gosh! Almost 3 months before take off! Can we do it? Will everything be ready, will we forget something! Well, as long as we have all those aboard that are going, we will be fine. And goodness knows, with all the detailed planning we've done we will probably be more like the pioneer covered wagon trains and be jettisoning along the way.

I just sent in an order for new brushes and supply of paint, so I will be ready on that score. So glad I toned all the canvases and made the wet boxes early!

So far so good on the "child locator" working. Ben was hiding with it to see if we could find him and it worked...we thought he went outside but the locator showed us he was in the entry closet. Cathy was so sure he went out, she really jumped when she opened the closet and he was there! We will give our yahs or nahs while we are on the trip in June. See more about it at:

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