Thursday, March 11, 2010

90 Days to Go!

This is a milestone, 3 months to go!

You know, it is very interesting that there seems to be only two reactions people have when they learn of our 31 day trip, 6 adults, 7 children part of the time, 3-4-5 adults, 4-5 children other parts, 5342 miles plus. They usually (1)think we are totally crazy or (2)their eyes light up and they say "I want to go too!"

I have to tell you, #1 is by far the majority of reactions!

What happened to the pioneer spirit? the Indiana Jones sense of adventure? the Lewis and Clark spirit of exploration? the Thomas Moran awe of the beauty of our land?

Well, we have it!!! We are not limited to "go West, young man". Our young men, and young ladies are going east, north, west, and south!