Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting closer!!

I plan to make a shelf for the lead van to hold the tent, sleeping gear in containers below. Camp setup, groceries, jackets, etc in containers on the shelf.

The shelf and it's legs are cut, fitting will be done tomorrow hopefully. Then it will be painted.

I will also be building a "food box". We had one years ago when we used to take road trips from CA to SD but it has gone by the wayside. It was really handy when camping in a different spot each night. It has a silverware tray, space for plates, bowls, cups, cooking utensils, bread, spices, space for canned goods, cereal,cooking oil, dish soap, etc. The door of the box becomes a workspace out of the back of the van for making sandwiches, etc. Hopefully I will be able start it by this weekend.

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