Saturday, April 17, 2010

CarArt Paint Information

The map (4'x6') we are going to paint on the side of the van will be painted with a temporary paint called "Car Art". This paint is made by a company called Duplicolor and sold by a variety of auto stores (although it may be difficult to actually find a store that has it in stock). This paint is sold as temporary paint, won't come off in the rain but will come off easily with soap and water and a sponge to wipe it. It is made to be used on car paint without harming it. It is shown for painting cars (actually on the paint) for "Big Game Day" type of events, or painting temporary "flames" on your car and things like that. It comes in about 6 colors and was $6.49 a can. The cans are small, about half the size of a regular spray paint can.

Duplicolor has a very informative video on their site and shows how to use it and remove it.

Because we could not find it in our area Duplicolor suggested we order it online from AutoBarn was easy to order from, although it seemed to take a good deal of time till delivery, although we weren't in a hurry and didn't ask for a quicker delivery. We haven't actually tried it yet but are anxious to try it! We are worried that it will get rubbed off, but supposedly it has to be wet (and with soap?) and with sponge action to come off...We will see.

The map was downloaded from a home schooling site, transferred to freezer paper taped together. The state borders were then sliced out.

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