Friday, April 30, 2010

Would you be able to do it?

If your husband came home tonight and said "Honey, we are going on a road trip".
If he brought home a wagon and and said, "This is what we are traveling in".
And you had to load up the kids and whatever you could fit in the wagon and still be able to all sleep there at night.
And he planned to travel to the edge of the Missouri River in winter and wait for spring to cross.
So off you go, in a wagon on rutted "roads" in a wagon with no springs or shock absorbers.
And you had to camp near the Missouri till a tiny cabin was built.
Your family lived in the cabin and had to wait your turn out of hundreds of other families and their wagons to be ferried across the river.
Then you had to take the scary ride across the river in the wagon on a raft.
And now your adventures begin!

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