Thursday, April 1, 2010

The DVD Holder is Done!

Wow, times are different! When I was a kid traveling with my family from California to Iowa every other year, us children (total of 7 by the last trip I was on) found our own way to entertain ourselves. Usually there were color books and crayons, and dolls and doll clothes. We counted cars by color, wrote down license numbers, things like that. Being the oldest, I usually collected maps and was the navigator and counted miles to the next landmark or town.

When my husband and I would make our trips with our kids back to the Plains states, my husband would stop every couple of days in a larger town with a toy store and buy surprise toys to keep them occupied. The most popular were red and green farm toys, tractors, wagons, plows, etc.

Now as we get ready for the Slice of America Trip with several of my grandkids and their cousins I really notice things have changed. Although we have little trinkets for each on the way for almost every day,Luke and Amanda (and Grandma) will be bringing their computers. I think they all have DSI's (I'm not even sure what all those things do!) Adults will all have their phones. Of course the van has a built-in CD player and that will be kept busy. Cathy and I will have our IPODs and I will have my cute little Shuffle and head phone for when I am painting. And the kids will have the DVD player to keep them busy during the more boring riding parts.

The DVD player had come with a holder but through time and trials it would not hold the screen and base open correctly so the DVD kept stopping mid-movie (not good!). Also, that holder covered up the air vent to the DVD and it would over-heat and turn off. Not good! Well, I just had to take care of that! So, now we have a new DVD holder! And I even recycled Uncle Robert's suspenders for the project!

The top strap goes around the driver-side headrest. The DVD sits on the little shelf, the black straps on this shelf are velcro strips and the DVD has velcro on the bottom of it to stick to the shelf. An elastic band also helps hold the screen in an upright position. There is a pouch below the shelf for storage. The bottom strap goes around the bottom of the seat back to hold in to the seat (recognize the suspenders!, Thanks Robert!

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