Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 24 Friday July 2 Arco, ID to Bruneau Dunes, ID

We left the KOA, got groceries, visited the submarine in the desert and headed for the Craters of the Moon Information Center. Again we were lucky enough to see the spring wild flowers in the desolate volcanic acres. I think the flowers here were the prettiest we've seen. They really show off against the black lava flows.

We explored the Crater of the Moon a bit and decided to go on a tour of some lava tubes, caves made by volcanic bubbles. The ranger started out by telling us that if we were going to fall on the trail it would be in the first 25 feet. Reassuring!.... Well, I lasted to the half mile mark, right at the end of the path before going into the caves, then fell flat on my face! Ouch, my knee took the brunt right on some lava rock.

Well, I wasn't going to let that stop me from going in the cave! Although I have to admit the bumpy ground in there and darkness did make me worry I may fall again. When we finally got back to the car my knee was pretty swollen but Cathy doctored me up. George got ice from the cooler to put on it, I got to sit back with the teens with my leg up with Coletta as driver. And off we went heading to Bruneau Dunes State Park near Mountain Home, Idaho.

Idaho Sand Dunes
Another WINDY place! Just looking at the camp areas with the little "L" shapped shelters should give everyone an idea they are into a heavy wind scene!!

Well, Coletta sleeps in the van so she will have no problems, Cathy and George have their new "SUPER" tent that only moves in an earthquake so they will be ok. Luke and Amanda have experienced their tent "going 2-dimensional" so they are really staking their tent down. Then there is me in my little tent. My tent pole to the rain top was lost back in Yellowstone so I don't know how my tent is going to hold up. It didn't have to go through the "dreaded Hot Dog" storm, so this may be very interesting. With my poor knee I am not moving all that fast. I choose some heavy duty stakes and go to work pounding them in. Too easy, the ground is grass in sandy dirt. Oh, Oh!

All was well and I slept through everything.

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