Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 25 July 3 Bruneau Dunes, ID to Emmigrant Springs Camp, ID

The morning ritual of taking down the campsite! You can see the sand dunes in the background. We were told the sand dunes were a leftover from a prehistoric lake/ocean that once covered the area. Last night the winds were blowing the sand on the top of the dunes and it looked like snow blowing off snowdrifts in a blizzard.

Can you guess who is sleeping in ? It is Luke in there. He survived the wind last night!

Leaving Bruneau Dunes Park, Idaho

This was taken on the border of Oregon and Idaho. We are in Cowboy Country!

This was at a pretty little park in Oregon.

...where we had lunch overlooking the river.
We then traveled up along the eastern border of Oregon. We stopped at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. It is very interesting and well worth your time to stop. You can still see the trail of the covered wagons headed for Oregon after a long trip. As they came over the mountains and saw this view they must have been overwhelmed after coming across lava rock areas, high mountains, dry barren lands to see this view.
If I was one of those in a covered wagon so long ago I would have stopped right here in this beautiful valley. But they kept going west. ....There were some rough times with Indians here at the time.

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