Sunday, May 9, 2010

30 Days!

Another milestone!

We are getting closer!! And more excited!
Little Ben thought we were starting our trip last Wednesday when we were driving up to Oakland to celebrate Uncle Robert becoming a USA citizen!

June 6th we are going to paint the map on the car!

We are starting to calendar all the last things we have to do:
June 8 - appointments, vote, make dinner for the 9th, get ice for cooler
June 7 - appointments, charge all electronic devises, start packing
June 6 - trip grocery shopping, cinnamon roll baking (a tradition when we go on trips), paint map on car, luggage rack on car
June 5
June 4
June 3
June 2
June 1 - Shelf goes into car and stuff that goes under it. (We will get an idea how we are doing as far as how much we can take. Easier to jettison BEFORE we take off!)
May ? - Car nets, sleeping bags, painting stuff, etc to Coletta's car

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