Monday, May 17, 2010


This morning Cathy and I did a quick pre-pack exercise. So glad we decided to do it this early. The shelf needed a little adjusting, the handles on the kitchen box need to be changed, and the tent box needs another handle.

But we did a little adjusting here and there and it looks like everything will fit. It was scary there for a few moments! My hubby took pictures that would have spoken volumes but unfortunately his camera memory was full. It went like this...Cathy backs the van up to the front of the garage, I open the garage door. Our eyes went from the shelves holding all the stuff to be the back of the van where all the stuff had to go!!! But it is going to work out ok, thank heavens!

Cathy and George also got one of those hard torpedo-shaped luggage carriers, a big one with lots of room. That is where all the clothes will go.

The Grand Council of the Treehuggers will meet at 10:30 tomorrow morning to go over any details not worked out and questions that need to be answered.

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