Monday, May 3, 2010

Ok, in response to some on the previous post.......

In regards to the privy arrangements the pioneer women used.
1. when they would gather around and spread their skirts to afford their women friends some privacy---no, that is not why they wore long skirts they were the modest fashion of the time, but they came in handy in an instance like this. By the way, most women did not wear underwear at the time, it was invented after the civil war. It consisted of three pieces, 2 pieces were a leg with a waist (sort of like half of a pair of shorts each) , the third, a string going through the waistband to hold them on and together. That way they did not have to take them down, they were spit in two, if you know what I mean.

2. Toilet paper - we will have 2 rolls with us at all times, just in case. Toilet paper was not invented yet in the 1840s, and the sears roebucks catalogue wasn't either. It was leaves (be choosy, no poison ivy or poison oak, or nettles, for that matter. Then in the prairies where bushes were far and few between....grass or get creative!

3. Campfire fuel---of course when there were downed trees, no problem. But the prairies were pretty sparse for miles! Cow pies, though not contained to cows, buffalo or anything else could furnish fuel for the fire.....not fresh ones!

We will have plenty of propane fuel for our 2 stoves. Thank God!

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  1. I love these post Mom. Puts it all in perspective.