Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grocery shopping - first run

Tonight we did the dry goods grocery shopping. We are going to pack the car Tuesday so wanted to know how much room we will have to play with..... packing-wise. The produce will be packed last minute.


  1. did you pack the tang, beef stew and that stuff in a can that you spread on bread that looked like cat food...oh and that dog food looking stuff that we had for breakfast (which I loved by the way)? I wonder if they make a vegetarian version of that stuff :) Lets see that would be salt, more salt and fat yummy fat.

  2. LOL too funny, those are exactly the food memories of my childhood also. Yeah and the dog food was oddly yummy...I am trying to convince the kids of this but I think they have to be starving in a pygmy forest before they truly appreciate how yummy it is.

  3. Sooo Funny, Isis!! Yes, Dear, you would be very happy if you were coming with us. The dog-food looking stuff (called roast beef hash) is packed. No, I didn't see a vegi version so Jen would starv. :(
    The canned beef stew is for back up, in case we ever run out of food, Heaven Forbid!!! I didn't see any tang, or the cat food looking stuff (chicken spread) in Cathy's cart but I am sure we will have enough salt, more salt and yummy fat.
    I did see Hershey chocolate and Reeses Peanut butter/chocolate flat things and mashmellows for the smores!