Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Review of the Brickhouse Child Locator

A while back I bought a BrickHouse Child Locator. The Locator consists of tags that you attach or put in your child"s clothing or on a bracelet, then there is the locator that sends an alarm if the tag goes further than the range you set. It also shows the direction the tag is in.

I posted then that we would give a review but we haven't used it to this date. We were going to save it for the trip. But, Timmy has given us a challenge. Timmy is a special little boy. He loves life and especially loves the trampline, swings, and hiding things. Recently we found that Timmy needed glasses. He had his new glasses just a few days and he decided to hide them, they still haven't been found. Second pair of took several days before the glasses were missing again. It took Mom a few days before she found them. This time she attached the "Child Locator" tag to the elastic band that holds the glasses on his head. Sure enough, a couple of days later the glasses were missing again. Mom got out the Locator and found them in about a minute. They were in the sandbox under the sand, the locator tag still attached. (You can see the tag in the photo hanging by his right shoulder.)

Mom is now talking about attaching tags to his shoes, he loves to hide them too!

Rave reviews so far for the Brickhouse Child Locator!

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