Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 13, June 21 Sioux City to Kennebeck, SD

When we left the hotel we decided to go to Lawton, IA before really getting on the road. Lawton has a lot of family history on my father's side. This was my great, great grandparents house that was passed down to my widowed great grandmother. When she passed away the State of Iowa paid for her nursing home expenses in exchange for the house. They fixed it up and made it into appartments for teachers. This beautiful home is probably about 150 years old.
After exploring Lawton awhile we got on the road to continue our trip. Our first stop is the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. The outside of the Corn Palace is decorated every year with different colored corn and some other plants. It was quite interesting especially since it was in the process of still being decorated.
The Corn Palace
Ben posing with an ear of corn!

This is part of the inside of the Corn Palace.

We went on from the Corn Palace to Kennebeck, SD to the KOA there. The KOA is very nice and clean. Tented on grass, which is always nice after tenting on rocky ground!

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