Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 21 Yellowstone -Heading to the Old Faithful Lodge

We drove to the Old Faithful Lodge enjoying the drive on the way, seeing a beautiful waterfall and lots of bison on the way.

We are staying at the Old Faithful Lodge cabin tonight. Old Faithful is a very short walking distane from our cabin. Coletta decided to take a nap and I went over to call Jen and check out where the virtual camera is. I found the camera and Jen took a picture of the computer screen as we talked.

After I rang off with Jen, clouds really started rolling in as dusk approached. Then lightening was playing just on the other side of the mountains. Very pretty. I decided to go sit on the porch and watch the lightening show as it started sprinkling. Old Faithful was steaming away and the lightening was putting on quite a show. It was quite a spiritual sight. I called my hubby and had a nice visit with him. It started raining hard and the show was still going on. Such a nice time with my group of about 20 in the rocking chairs on the side porch of the lodge watching nature do it's thing. As Old Faithful started up, cars in the two parking lots near by shined their headlights on it so all could see!

I was a nervous for Cathy, George and family since the storm seemed to be moving that direction! But they now have the "Monster Tent" so I figured it would stay up just fine. We will meet with them tomorrow at their campsite.

That night there were travelers that had gotten caught in the storm. The lodge let a bunch of people sleep in the lobby and others that had cabins reserved kept coming in the middle of the night. We did get kind of annoyed at all the banging and door slamming and flashlights in the windows all hours of the night. Other than that the cabin was great.

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