Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 18 June 26 Buffalo Bill Park to Yellowstone

The sun rises!

I got up early to paint.

Amanda has had a cold and thought she was coming down with an ear infection. Coletta also had a spot behind her knee that looks strange. We went back to Cody for an Urgent Care appt. Amanda was fine, Coletta had a couple of small blood clots removed from a superficial vein.

After breakfast we were on the road again. We should be in Yellowstone Park by this afternoon!

I do need to mention at this point that the wild flowers we have seen are massive and beautiful. Since it has been such a late spring we are getting to see all the flowers that normally would have been gone by now. We are so lucky!

We arrived in Yellowstone and headed for The Canyon Lodge. I am staying in a cabin. I had planned great things for today and tomorrow, but I am now coming down with a cold. By the time we get to the cabin I am exhausted and my head is feeling awful. They drop me off and I can't even get up enough energy to walk a bit to the lodge cafe. And worst part is I really looked forward to seeing the Lower Yellowstone Falls to plan how I was going to paint it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family is camping at Madison Junction Campgrounds.

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