Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 15 - The STORM

This morning dawned with little evidence in the sky of last night's storm. But since we had heard last night on TV that there were 70 mile an hour wind in Rapid City and it seemed pretty strong at the KOA Coletta and I had gone to bed in the lodge worrying about those in the tents. When we caught up with them we heard the story of wind, rain, hail, the tents collapsing around them, the mad dash for shelter in the van, and the luck of getting the last cabin to be had!! George and Luke were the heros of the day (or rather night!)

This is a bit of the story we heard:

George was making trips to the laundromats at the KOA drying all the sleeping bags, etc.

Definitely on the agenda for today is a trip to Cabella's, a favorite sporting goods store for George. He had a new tent in mind after last night!! The nearest Cabella's is just outside of Rapid City.

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