Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DAY 7 June 15 - Bernalillo, NM to Cimarron State Park, NM

We are moving pretty fast and experiencing so much. (Can you read the speed limit in the mirror?!) The landscape is pretty much scrub brush.

We are very popular - People are stopping to take pictures of our Vans!
It feels kind of weird. At first we forget what they are looking at....then remember all the stuff that is on the vans. We get lots of thumbs up from drivers.

The picture below is the San Miguel Chapel in Santa Fe is the oldest church structure in the US. The adobe walls were constructed around A.D. 1610

Onward to Taos NM. We ate lunch at Rellianos Restaurant. Lots of Mexican atmosphere. Nice people run it. Tiny, and we filled it.

Taos Pueblo Cemetery

We didn't see enough of Taos though. I would love to go back and really explore!

But we were late and anxious to find camp since there was a 30% chance of rain....the same as it was when we were drowned in Grand Canyon. We had bought a 25x20 roll of plastic sheeting, Just in case!!

Cimarron State Park, NM is a beautiful park and the ride to and from is so wonderful! The lake was full of fish and fishermen!

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