Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DAY 8 Wednesday June 16th ONE WEEK ON THE ROAD!

Day 8

We had such a great time yesterday afternoon at the KOA lake near Taos, AZ. Timothy fell in the lake trying to cast his pretend fishing line. Cathy dove in after him and they were both soaked. He was having so much fun he went right back to "fishing" but this time he was much more careful :) Everyone got a great laugh and it just added to the excitement of the this wonderful journey.

We will be stopping in Pueblo, CO to have lunch and stock up on groceries for the next 3 days.

20 Boo Boos
4 States
3 Sun Burns
7 Mosquito Bites
35 "are we there yet"
1 Parent Injury - bad burn to Cathy's hand from the dutch oven last night.
20 Thumbs up from passerby's
11 got lost

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Jen for updating!
    Cimmarron Campground in CO is so beautiful! The fishermen love it! By the way, the water was very shallow where Tim fell in, about a foot deep!

    I did get a chance to paint. We were between 2 mountains so sun set quickly! But I work FAST and I think it is a good study.

    We drove a longer day today and are tired. Cathy and all the kids just got out of swimming pool, Coletta and I opted for the showers!!