Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 19 Sunday June 27th

The family all joined up at the Canyon Lodge at noon. I was feeling a lot better and we decided to go to see the Mammoth Springs in the north-west part of Yellowstone. While we were there Colleta felt she needed her leg checked again. It was 4:50 and the clinic closed at 5pm. After a wait Coletta was told she should get a sonigram on her leg and the nearest hospital with a person available to do the sonigram was in Billings, Montana.

After hooking up with the rest of the family it was decided that George would take all the kids and Coletta's car back to the campsite and Cathy and I would take Coletta in Cathy's van to Billings. All was taken care of by 10 pm. All was well it was superficial and would take care of itself. The doc told us not to drive back because it is dangerous to drive with deer hopping all over that road at night. Her advice: get a motel room for the night....or drive and "aim for the butt!" We took her first advice and got a room..."girls night out".

Coletta outside the emergency room!

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