Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 3-FRIDAY June 11th Grand Canyon

Arrived late last night and had to set our tents up in the dark - but we did it! After a well deserved sleep we woke up to a beautiful forest with birds chirping and the children ready to have fun.

Timothy thinks it is funny to run deep in the forest away from the group. It is a group effort to get him corralled. On one of these "fun games" he managed to wander upon two elk sleeping in the bush. This was very scary since Timothy was not listening and the elk were very startled and confused. With me on one side and Luke not far away, Luke managed to get Tim's attention and thank God he listened. Timothy went to Luke and all is well.
We are spending the day checking out the beauty of the Grand Canyon and plan to get in some relaxation time :)

1 Mosquito Bites
4 Boo Boos


  1. Hi All!
    Sounds like you've had a fun and exciting day. Can you please tell my mom to call us at home? We really want to hear from her. Thanks!

  2. Hi Rebecca, She cant call we don't get much coverage. Jen is my ghost writer and that is how the b