Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 9 Strasburg CO to Fort Kearny, NB

Today we got up early - 6 AM and ready to roll at 7 AM!
But, no go! The back passenger-side tire on Cathy's van is flat!
We called AAA and they took one hour to arrive. In the mean time we all ate breakfast. Coletta and I checked out the Hank's Auto/Truck Service Repair place just across the road. All are closed though, too early.

AAA took the tire to get it pumped up to see if it held air. It did so we decided to go to "Hank's" since they were open by this time. It would be a lot faster than having the tow truck driver take it to his place down the road. The hole in the sidewall was fixed after some to do getting the correct tire to replace it. Lucky for the kids, they could play while the tire was being taken care of. By the time all was ready to go it was 10:45 am and 86 degrees. We were so glad we had gotten up so early!

We were about 2 hours behind time and had a long driving day. We ate lunch (MacDonald's) in the car. Later took a gas/potty break and had an exciting time watching a guy drive away with the gas hose still in his tank! The construction workers down the road waved him down. Funny thing was, later that day we saw the same driver pulled over and getting a ticket. Luke said that guy was really having a BAD day!

We stopped off at the North Platte Spike Railroad Yard, world's largest. It was quite impressive. Warning to everyone else: GPS takes you to the wrong place!
The Observation Tower

Part of the Railroad Yard
Lots of Train History

A train in a corn field maze

We camped at the Fort Kearny State Park. Nice campground on grass. The kids had a great time catching lightening bugs!

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