Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 4 Saturday June 12 - Grand Canyon Storm Video

Day 4 Saturday

Last night Luke lead an amazing campfire with a skit and stories from each child. He is really showing himself to be a great leader. I'm so proud of him. I made my first dessert in the dutch oven and it was delicious! I didn't burn it at all and every drop was devoured :)

This morning Mom and Coletta took a shuttle over to see Hermits Rest.

I got some laundry done at the local laundromat then took off on a hike with the rest of the gang. Mary almost slipped off the edge while trying to pose for a picture (eek). While we were away, the crows totally trashed our campsite. Learned our lesson on leaving food out. :)

When we all met back up at the campgrounds it was just in time for a major hail storm with Thunder and Lightning. Then it started to snow and we discovered that the large tent is not waterproof. All the sleeping bags in that tent got soaking wet.

But all is well, we will go back to the laundromat and dry the sleeping bags before bed. We did bring a spare tent so we will just set up the new tent when the rain stops. Adventurous day!

7 Boo Boos
1 Mosquito Bite
22 "are we there yet"
2 Wildlife Excitement

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