Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 13 June 22 Mt Rushmore tonight

Today we left a very nice KOA campground at Kennebeck, SD. Very friendly staff and nice tenting area. We took off and a bit down the highway a bag flies off Coletta's baggage rack. Stopped and picked stuff up....had forgotten to batten down the hatch!

We took the scenic route through the badlands of SD. The prettiest I have ever seen them! I think the other times were from the south end. Will post pics when I get home. My camera broke so had to get a new one. I liked the other one better but hope the pictures turn out ok.

Wall Drugs was our lunch stopping point. It sure has changed throughout the years, huge now , a whole little town itself. Real tourist trap with tourist buses and all.

On to the Black Hills of SD. We arrived at our KOA and tons of RVs!! Looks sort of like rain! I had booked a room at the lodge with 2 double beds. I offered anyone the other bed, Coletta took me up on it. We helped the rest set up camp then headed for the lodge. By the time we got to our room it started really raining!!! All my thoughts are in those tents....well, they know where to come if it gets too bad!

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