Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 22 Wednesday June 30th

Cathy and George decided to leave Yellowstone a day early. Cathy was disappointed with the areas which still show damage from the big fire 10 years ago. Those areas look like toothpicks sticking up. George figured he had pretty much seen everything he wanted to see, Luke was convinced that Yellowstone is not kid friendly. He felt he had to stay on the wooden paths and couldn't do much.
So everyone left for Idaho a day early except for Mary and Coletta.

Mary in front of Old Faithful on the Live Cam

Mom and Coletta at the Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park (they are sitting on the bench)

Jen took these pictures from the virtual web cam on the computer.

Tonight Mary and Coletta have dinner at the Old Faithful Inn and stay there for the last night in Yellowstone.

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