Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 17 June 25 Prune Creek to Buffalo Bill State Park, WY

Prune Creek is a very beautiful campground. It is very high and it is warned that it can have cold nights even in the summer. We didn't seem to have any problems with that regard. But Cathy and I did not feel well and out of breath. We figured we had altitude sickness and tried to increase our fluids. Although later I realized that part of my problem was probably because at 6:30 I woke up with fumes in my tent from an RV generator that ran till about 7:30. My tent is one of those nylon type with window screens and a rain guard to cover them. This means the windows on two side are open at all times. Smoke and fumes can come in. Our old canvas tent never had this problem. Any how I didn't feel better till lunch time. Cathy has asthma so I was concerned about her and catching her breath.

Back to Prune Creek, very pretty and we were camped next to the creek (actually it looked more like a river). I was going to do a watercolor but Timmy decided to throw my brush washer/water holder into the creek and before I could get to him there it went, floating down the river! He still thinks it is lots of fun to throw everything he can into water. Little stinker!

Before leaving, Ben had a run in with dogs in a camp down the way. Coletta was the hero this time! It was pretty scary but Ben seemed to get over it quickly. More quickly than the rest of us!

We left Prune Creek with a beautiful drive along a huge gorge. I think I enjoyed the scenery most on this drive, even though I felt like I was going to barf! The ride was so downhill that the brakes heated up so we had to go in the lowest gear.

Snow on the mountains ahead. There is a storm in the west. Hope we don't get any of it!
Buffalo Bill State Park, WY

We arrived at Buffalo Bill Park after getting groceries in Cody, Wy. It is a very nice state park. It is in a canyon with beautiful rock formation and lovely views. Luke wants to climb the canyon walls. He doesn't realize the canyon looks much closer than it is. Ever since Calico he has been wanting to climb everything!
The sun sets....

It was pretty windy though that afternoon. But George's new tent is impervious to wind, rain hail sleet, hurricanes as will as the dark of night! I just parked mine behind his! though it wasn't that wind to need it. But we are sort of shell-shocked about wind after Mt Rushmore!

Got through on my cell to sister, Teresa. She won't be joining us in Yellowstone. Still not feeling strong enough after her bout with shingles.

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